No Rest For The Wicked

Thunderspire Labrynth: 1st night notes


Disclaimer: Same as last set of notes. All names are possibly incorrect, just written the way they are as a way for me to remember them.

Thunderspire Labrynth

  • (Once?) ruled by Minotaur lords
  • Not mapped
  • Thunderspire Mountain is NE (of Winterhaven?); Largest of the mountains


  • Pendragon Mission – Eliminate Bloodreavers
  • Dolphin Mission – Keep track of findings, get treasures/relics for him


  • Lord Pendragon
  • Dolphin
  • Taliflith – Tinker; Travelling trader
  • Randall Cunningham – Halfling; Family runs Half Moon Inn @ 7 Pillar Hall (stronghold/town); Potential new Splug but way cooler
  • Aira Halfmoon – Randall Cunningham’s aunt; Works at the Half Moon Inn
  • Grug – Half Orc; ‘Sheriff’ of 7 Pillar Hall; Works for Mages of Sauron
  • Rothar – In charge of Rothar’s Tap Room (bar)
  • Feldra – Didn’t catch any of the brief info given
  • Gendar – Drow; Artifacts & relics dealer
  • Mages of Sauron – Potential bad dudes; Run with a strong fist; Hang out at a tower in town, teleport there from a fancy Minotaur statue
  • Bloodreavers – Bad dudes; Slavers; Been taking Winterhaven’s workers (source: Pendragon); Hobgoblins; Hang out at Chamber of Eyes

7 Pillar Hall Points of Interest

  • Deep Gem Company – Dwarf workers; Go into mines, get gems
  • Rothar’s Tap Room – Bar; Ran by Rothar; Only hard liquor sell spot in town; Lots of bar fights; Where to go if you like to play grab ass
  • House of Czar – Merchant company; (In Fallcrest?); Czar = powerful family
  • Pigeon Holes – Free housing; Filthy
  • Grimmer Zul Trading Post – Ran by bad dwarves; Deal with mining and the likes
  • Half Moon Inn – Inn; Sells wine; Ran by Randall Cunningham’s family



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