No Rest For The Wicked

The Angel's Dance

Valyn - Session 5


The silhouette glided effortlessly across the ground with delicate precision. Each turn more graceful than the last as it seemed to move with the flickering torch light. A slight fluttering tugged on his heart as he watched with intent, carefully observing the shadow’s elegant movement. Gravity seemed to not exist for this lightless angel, as she continued her dance as Valyn approached.

“You move beautifully, gwenn lend nín.” he exclaimed as she came to an abrupt halt at the sound of his voice. “How long have you been watching?” she asked, a hint of a smile escaping from her lips. He took a moment to respond, before deciding to say “Long enough to realize you have stolen my heart, once again.”. A look of confusion appeared on Valyn’s face as she erupted in laughter. “What is it, Scarlett?” he asked. “Oh Valyn, why do you say such things? We both know you and I can not be. The elders will never approve of us.” she responded. Frustration wrestled with his emotions as he stared deeply into her emerald eyes.

“Why do we need their approval? Isn’t our love enough?” he said after a moment. Her laughter died down as she replied, “No, it’s not. Not if we wished to live here.” Carefully considering his next words, he said “Then let us run away from this prejudice.” Anger began to appear on her face. “Away from my home? I’ve lived here all my life! I cannot just leave everything behind!” she exclaimed. Valyn let out an inaudible sigh as he moved closer and took her hand in his own.

“Then let us seek the approval of the elders. Maybe if we explain the situation, they would understand.” he said. She removed her hand from his and shied away. “No. That is not possible. They would never approve. If you went to them and proclaimed your love for me, they would most certainly exile you.” she replied. Feeling dizzy, he turned away and walked back to his room without a word more.


Wooooaahh. A forbidden love <3>d be exiled!)

The Angel's Dance

ahhhhh!! it cut out my sentence :(

Its supposed to say “With a woman named Scarlett, whom if you were found out to be with, you’d be exiled!”

The Angel's Dance

Nice backstory, lots of angst. No Wonder Valyn is so tormented.

Falkrunn—Hey, hey, it doesn’t explain his fascination with Steve! But I get it! He’s frustrated. What is it? Every seven years for you elves? Let me give you a little Advice for the Lovelorn: 1. Don’t be jealous and make catty remarks if she has more facial hair than you do. 2. Anything she says while drunk is not legally binding. 3. Don’t whine if she breaks anything during an amorous interlude (It’s not like your collarbone won’t heal!) 4. Girls like to be complimented so tell her things like “You have a Good Head for Ale” or “If we were fighting a Dragon, I’d give you the Kill Shot.” 5. And finally, be sensitive to her moods. (Sometimes wearing armor helps) It works for Dwarfs…

The Angel's Dance

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