No Rest For The Wicked

Ranger Log #30 - The Ceremony


It was glorious!

The tournament was to decide who would be chosen for Llathriel’s royal guard. Tyranny’s victory had felt easy, he was well prepared Tyrnemitore was a great mentor.

The main hall had been decorated with Ivy and the tables lined with the rarest elven delicatessens, there were a few hundred fine wine glasses set amongst the great tables. Llathriel stood behind a podium trunk that grew out of the center of the hall. Mialee and her mate Carric (A couple of Elites, always on their guard) watched the party with a smile, weapons still on them, sitting at the north table near Llathriel. Tyrnemitore stood leaning up against the north part of the west wall, a look of concern on his wise face. “Even at a party, he’s so serious”. Tyranny let out in a hushed voice.

Lia and Lucan were holding hands and blushing sitting at the head of the east table, occasionally whispering in each other’s ear. Tyranny smiled, “That a boy Lucan”. Several Elves were dancing, and a live band playing music sounded near the south entrance. Aelvannah was singing, quite the rare treat. Tyranny and Aelvannah were close a very long time ago back before his interest in Llathriel. Perhaps he had waited too long, perhaps Adran had impressed her with the pelt, rather than Tyranny’s failure to bring her one. Aelvannah was bound now to Adran, a fine elite and captain of the scouts.

Aelvannah’s eyes locked with Tyranny’s and he remembered twenty years back and how he had felt broken when Adran pledged and she accepted. She looked away glancing around the room singing to the crowd now instead of what Tyranny swore was just to him. His heart ached and sorrow began to creep up him again, it had been so long but it felt like yesterday, the ice in his eyes, the sting of defeat.

He felt a soft and warm hand touch his shoulder, almost instantaneously he felt happy for Adran and Aelvannah. They belonged together, he was good to her, and she deserved someone like that. Tyranny felt ecstatic, content, and his heart raced. He turned to see Llathriel standing next to him. Her beauty was stunning and he noticed he felt nothing for Aelvannah now, the warm radiance of the princess engulfed him.

“Ai cydi o aelyr os taesaestylia Seisalia”
(I hope you enjoyed your ceremony Tyranny.) The princess spoke softly, even with the band Tyranny had no trouble hearing her every word.

“On air car shael si shaer Ai cali aelaes mael, sal o volaer”.
(Oh it has been the best I have ever seen, thank you princess) Tyranny replied. He didn’t normally speak to the other elves in their language, but Llathriel only spoke elven to the elves. A sign of respect for the old ways he assumed. Wanting to gain favor he remembered to always use it with her.

“O aesaer air, sor byr orael shi cyr ei sysastael jhoji mes”
(You earned it, tis not often we hold a tournament like such.) She moved her hand from his shoulder to his left cheek and left it there for a moment, Tyranny felt powerless.

“Ai por air thys o volaer, shar oraes shae shyr Ai cali sai kaer tyri sai o?”
(I did it for you princess, what other way would I have to get close to you?) Tyranny was shocked at the words that escaped his mouth, he wasn’t used to being this forward, where did that come? He waited for her facial reaction, time seemed to have stopped, his heart seemed to have stopped, the music faded and suddenly they were alone.

Llathriel seemed surprised for the first time. She smiled very brightly. The world all returned at once, the music had returned, Tyranny was back in the real plane of existence and his heart went from frozen in time back to the racing he could feel once again in his chest.

“Eilystalia ti sai tia tastaes, saesi air oli jhar sol”.
(Accompany me to my chambers, there is one last thing.) These words were unfathomable, Tyranny followed in a trance.

The next morning—————————————————————————

“I have been alive for near three centuries and never in that time has Llathriel had a royal guard! Nor has she needed one! Be careful little brother, the princess takes what she wants and cares little of the cost.” Tyrnemitore was clearly upset.

“You worry too much mentor, everything will be fine”. Tyranny shot back, quite calmly, too calmly, especially to be speaking to the General that way.

“I worry for good reason! She has killed hundreds of creatures that have entered our forests without ever lifting a weapon. You don’t understand the danger her interest in you can bring to you!” Tyrnemitore was obviously over exaggerating.

“Relax brother, I’m fine, I won the tournament, it’s not like I was just picked out”. Tyranny was now sitting on his desk legs propped up on the counter, with what looked like not a care in the world.

“How do you know the competitors were not bewitched?” Tyrnemitore retorted.

“I don’t mind, this is what I’ve always wanted.” Tyranny smiled, Tyrnemitore frowned.

“There are other girls in the kingdom, this one is not one you want to pledge yourself to.” Tynemitore tried desperately to convince Tyranny, very believable from what Tyranny could tell that Tyrnemitore really did care about his well-being.

“Poor Tyrnemitore always worrying about the most obscure things” Tyranny thought.

“She is intoxicating, she stirs all my senses, her eyes hypnotize, her scent captivates, her touch weakens my will and races my heart, she warms me when I am cold and brings me light in the darkness. She makes me feel like nothing else in the world matters. She is more addicting than the thistle-weed and gives me a better buzz than the finest wine in the lands.”

Tyrnemitore let out a heavy sigh “She has bonded with you, it is already too late. There is no escape, nothing I can say or do will convince you now. Just try to be careful. She is far more than just an Elven princess, I would hate to see my best student go missing forever”.


hmmm wow. Didn’t quite see that coming. I knew I didn’t like her and was beginning to suspect she was not as pure hearted as Tyranny thought, but she really is a manipulative little bitch, isn’t she? Good job.

Ranger Log #30 - The Ceremony

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :D.

Ranger Log #30 - The Ceremony

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