No Rest For The Wicked

Ranger Log #24 - Training Day


It was early, really early. The sun had just begun it’s climb to scale the mountains of the East. The forest was still sleeping in a very dim light from the moon, lightly humidified the dew had been gathering on leaves and plants. A cool breeze danced through the kingdom. It was a beautiful morning.

tap tap tap

“oh…” Tyranny yawned. “Curses! Is every day of training going to start this early?” Tyranny thought as he mustered what strength he could to pull himself out of bed.

A familiar voice was heard through the door. “Ty, wake up it’s Lucan”.

“Yes brother, I will be right there.” Tyranny quickly dressed and pulled back the cover to his home.

“Why does Tyrnemitore always have to start us so early?” Tyranny complained as they started the descent down the spiral of home tree.

“You should be happy he’s training us, he’s the best in the kingdom.” Lucan countered.

Lia had been waiting for them near the bottom of home tree. “I was wondering if you kids were going to show”. She posed with her hands on her hips.

Tyranny smiled and shoved her playfully with one arm. “Miss my chance to show you up again? Not likely.”

Lia smiled and shoved him back. “You got lucky yesterday, wait until you see what we’re doing today.”

Lucan looked at her blankly. “How do you know?”

Lia put her hands behind her back and skipped a little. “I wake up much earlier than you moon dancers, I crept to the edge of the circle to watch Tyrnemitore setting it up”.

“Cheating will not gain the mentor’s admiration you know.” Lucan said quickly without breaking his pace. They were leaving the shadow of cover from the kingdom’s treetop shroud and entering a small clearing in the forest. All three were excited about the training, they had been competing since they were young.

“Neither will Tyranny borrowing his weapons without him knowing, he will have all of us disciplined, just you wait and see.” Lia retorted.

“Sometimes I think I’m the only one who appreciates our mentor, with the way you two act”. Lucan explained.

“Relax you two, Tyrnemitore doesn’t have to find out about either of those things.” Tyranny smiled and put his arms around both of their shoulders.

“Ah, Don’t get me wrong Lucan, he is great, he just seems a bit too strict and disciplined. Look around at the rest of the kingdom see how they dance and sing. Everyone takes their time to enjoy life and all the little things that come with it, never rush your tasks but take it slow and enjoy them.” Lia began to dance ahead of them, waving her arms in the air, spinning and moving with such perfection Lucan forgot all about their little squabble.

Tyranny noticed Lucan’s dumbfounded stare. “You know brother, if you feel so strongly for her it might be better to be more pleasant around her.”

Lucan hissed. “psssst Keep it down, will ya? She will hear you”.

Tyranny smiled. “Better that she does, you two might get along.”

Lucan frowned. “I’m not ready yet, with the training and all, I’ve got no pelt and what about you and the princess?” Lucan quickly tried to change the subject. They had reached the edge of the clearing and began to enter the shadow of the forest from the north of the clearing. The stream where they often fished was hustling with the hungry trout trying to get their first meal of the day.

Tyranny beamed. “Llathriel is the most beautiful elf I have ever seen, her voice is hypnotizing and her stories carry such wisdom. You know I usually have no problem talking to the girls but something about her frightens me, she has such confidence, such power, I really am not sure how to approach her. Often times I feel that I have little control when she is around”. Tyranny heard a very faint rustling from above and suddenly stopped. “Lucan wait, someone is here.” They had still had a few stones throws in distance before they reached the training area. At the boys sudden halt, Lia stopped dancing and turned around to face them, the three companions drew their melee weapons and quickly glanced around.

A wise and familiar voice was heard from above. “Very good students, a hunter must always be aware of their surroundings.” Tyrnemitore dropped thirty feet from above and landed in a crouch with such grace it seemed like a drop of only three feet. He sprung up and pointed to a tree nearby. “There you will find three different types of bows, I want you all to take one and we will be rotating today so you all get a chance with each one.”

Tyranny lit up with excitement. “At last, ranged combat.” He thought as he dashed towards the tree.

After a hour of firing on targets with the short bow, long bow and great bow Tyrnemitore had provided for them Tyranny felt pretty confident with his aim, with two out of three of them anyway, the great bow would definitely take some getting used to.

Tyrnemitore stated: “If there are no allies closer than you, than you need not worry so much about hitting them. With some luck you will get many prime shots like this, take full advantage of that situation.”

A few hours passed and the target fields were littered with arrows and pieces of the target dummies.

Lucan glanced at Mia occasionally and at her targets. Tyranny couldn’t help but also quickly glance at the other’s targets. Lucan was definitely more skilled with the great bow and Lia had hit many more of the targets in critical locations. Tyranny frowned.

As they had such an armory of arrows Tyranny decided to try something new as he reached for more than one arrow he laid them together and gently spread the tips to two targets and fired two critical hits. He could hardly believe it, this seemed so incredible, he tried again and again. Undeniable accuracy was incredible, he tried multiple times with three and four arrows and they all seemed to fly astray with the lessened impact of the bow strings push, not very effective at all. Tyranny decided two was the magic number as this seem to fly naturally to the targets, the targets he hit with two at the same time were almost identical damage marks on each hit. “It’s almost like their twins.” he laughed.

Tyrnemitore held up a hand to silence them for a moment. “Now than, who thinks they can hit that target?”. He pointed far in the distance away from the normal target ranges, elevated and about 500 feet away was a single target with a shield and partially covered.

“Impossible.” Lucan said. “Even with a great bow”.

Tyrnemitore smiled. He pulled his own bow off his back concentrated for a good ten seconds, arched his shot more upward and fired. The arrow-tip gleamed in the now mid high sun, the arrow seemed to gain speed the longer it was in the air. With a shattering crash it collided with the target, piercing it and knocking the dummy off the perch. The three students were shocked, and stood awestruck staring at the General.

Tyrnemitore tapped his bow. “This is called a mighty composite longbow, it is one of the finest you can find in the land. Most mortals cannot wield one and it has taken a lifetime of training to learn to hit with such precision at that distance. One day, you will wield this power”.

Tyranny repeated this in his mind. “One day, I will wield that power”.


You can tell this happened a long long time ago. Tyranny seems so much younger in attitude. Interesting take on how he learned his skills :)

Ranger Log #24 - Training Day

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