No Rest For The Wicked

Ranger Log #133 - Seperating the wheat from the chaff

For nearly eight centuries the elves of Llandowar lived in peace with the woodland creatures, occasionally having to drive off a caravan or adventurer was easy enough for the graceful beings who were never seen. Ghost sounds or a few assassinated companions usually did the trick. The forest is assumed haunted as people who wander to far in never return. Nightly training to defend their home left little time for social gathering, that is until the night Llathariel came back.

Llathariel was the grace and beauty of the forests, beloved princess and lore keeper to the Llandowar settlers. It had been ten years since she left and young Tyranny barely knew her then, though the stories she told stuck with him like a mother’s love.

Llathariel told the Elites of a plague that had landed itself near their undisturbed home, not a disease but foul creatures that cared not for the lives of others. They had been poaching in their forests, killing for sport and upsetting the balance of nature. This could not be allowed, the Elites rarely troubled themselves with such simple problems, so instead they devised a plan to test the new military trainees.

Tyranny had been tracking some strange monsters through the Llandowar forests, tracks he had never come across before. After many moons of the creatures frail attempts to throw their hunter astray Tyranny had caught them and had been taking them out one by one.

Finally Tyranny found an encampment the numbers of kobolds were much higher than he had originally thought, they were breeding nearby and as much as he would avoid admitting it… he needed help to make a direct assault on their camp. Twas a moon cycle back through the woods to rally the Elites. Tyranny decided he would thin the flock best he could and see if he could drive them off. Silently, deadly, he blended waiting for them to divide so he could conquer.

Suddenly there was quite the commotion of sound as a small party of adventurer’s approached, talking loudly, singing, joking and clanking around in their armor. One click east of his prey, they were headed this way. The kobolds would not allow humans, by the sound of them, to get near the breeding ground. Perhaps this was the distraction Tyranny needed to take as many kobolds as he had arrows.

Humans, a half-breed, a tiefling and an eldarin approached clumisly and predictable through the brush. Tyranny had heard stories from Llathariel about such “Adventurers”. Besides for their careless lack of stealth while entering the area, the band appeared to be much more useful and armed than Llathariel had ever mentioned in the stories, perhaps the young princess underestimated outsiders. Regardless, this distraction would have to do.

As the party neared the encampment a swarm of ruthless kobolds arose from the forest to clash with them. Wasting no time and seizing the moment, Tyranny unloaded two arrows east of his location finding the throats of two of the lesser kobolds, two arrows again to the north landed another kobold minion on the ground.

Strangely enough the adventurers charged past him, perhaps they did not notice him, perhaps they shared a common enemy, Tyranny was not about to “drive off” the help he might need.

A fierce battle ensued the strange tiefling appeared to be their leader as she was the one most out for blood and charged the front line. After carefully observing the methods of the adventurer’s Tyranny knew they wanted these kobolds rid from this land almost as much as he did,
anything to gain the favor of Llathariel.

Casting aside the racist ways of his brethren, Tyranny commanded a direct attack on the secret lair he knew the kobolds had been retreating to. To his immediate surprise, without question, the adventurers agreed to help without reward.

This was no breeding ground, this was a base, much too advanced for the normal moronic kobolds. Something bigger and badder was here, cautiously avoiding charging recklessly into battle Tyranny purged many of the disease of their cursed form.

— and so it begins, an Elf Ranger blends into the party… for now —-—-


Oooohhhh! So that’s where that strange elf came from! And who are you calling chaff??!!


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