No Rest For The Wicked

Guess what Dad!

My dear Father,

I am writing you this letter as I sit in a dungeon feeling accomplished for my travels. The skills you taught me as a child have come in very handy. Sly flourish is my favorite, however deft strike is fun too. Remember when we used to sit outside and you would have hay bails in different places and you would teach me how to maneuver around them? I call that tumble now, I haven’t used it much but I have a feeling it will come in really handy if I get stuck in a sticky situation.

On my travels I have met a few interesting people, Harm was one of my favorites, however the enemies got the best of her. I think you would like Casual Friday because he is a funny man who drinks all the time, he is a good healer also. We had a friend named Kildrek, he couldn’t take our strategic plans so he left our party. Tyranny might remind you of some of mom’s family, he is always talking to trees and eating dirt, I’m not sure if he realizes most elves don’t do that stuff. Valyn is kind of stand off-ish, but I feel like he may open up and he might have some really interesting stories. I can’t really talk to him as much as the others because he has this ’I’m better than you’ air to him. Recently we happened upon, or rather, were forced upon a woman-ish dwarf with the name of Falkrunn. She is a funny little one, brave, almost too brave! The last encounter we had she kept getting trapped in pits. It was quite funny, but I had to keep my game face on as I tore into some reptilian flesh. Last but not least there is another interesting character, her name is Arneth. You would really laugh at her attempts to be stealthy, she definitely needs your help. Maybe if we greased her 300 pounds of armor she wouldn’t clank as much, but Dad, how am I supposed to slink around with a woman (did I mention she was a woman? We barely just found out.) who ruins our cover every time we’re sneaking around an area?

We have been successful through every encounter we have had, taking foes lives for the good of society. We have been rewarded by a Lord for clearing out a Kobold infestation, and each place we go there are little rewards among the enemies. There have only been a few times that I let my curiosity get the better of me, and in this very room that I am writing you from, is one of them. I leaped across water onto a platform and to my dismay treasure wasn’t the only thing around this little island. A blue slimey creature almost took my life. If it wasn’t for my comrades I would have been a goner. But don’t fret dad! I won’t ever let this happen again. I’m not sure when I will be able to send this message for we are still in this dungeon, but when we get back to Winterhaven, this will be the first thing I do.

I hope you are doing good without me. I hope you are not eating poorly because I am no longer there to cook for you. Oh yeah Dad, my cloak has come in so very handy, today I would have had some burnt hair without it! (It’s a long story) I miss you and your words of encouragement and I look forward to the day when I can come visit and tell you of my tales of bravery and success. I only wish you the best, and you can write me to the address I send this letter from. I will write you from the next place we travel to, so that you will know we have moved.

I adore you father.

Amin mela lle,



“he is always talking to trees and eating dirt, I’m not sure if he realizes most elves don’t do that stuff.” Literally Lol’d on that one

Guess what Dad!

Eating Dirt? Well now that I know the dwarf is not the only one fabricating things that just DONT happen, I’ll be sure to return the hospitality. “Most Elves don’t do that stuff”? Maybe your cave seeking troll-like family who doesn’t live w/ in the woods have the gift of the Ents. The elves in the forest who live w/ Llathriel CAN speak to trees, not just the keeper and the council, but even our children are taught very young to speak but more importantly….. to listen to them.

Guess what Dad!

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