No Rest For The Wicked

Another Night


The fighting continued along into the very depths of the place they were in.

Along the way she had killed, been pushed (unfortunately into a pit where Falkrunn was, and Arneth was eternally sorry for not being more aware of her surroundings), defended her comrades, and in the final throws of a blue goo, was knocked unconscious while in stagnate water.
She was rescued from the putrid water and awoke in the arms of a male companion.

Her eyes blurred and a more familiar figure replaced the one before her.

‘Caine.’ She thought. A soft smile over took her features at the sight of the soft face and light hair.

Her eyes and mind then seemly focused and Caine had disappeared from her vision. Murmuring a small thank you to the one who had tended to her she got up from ground. It was only then she registered the drenched clothes and armor.

After it had been decided to rest here for the night, did she then meticulously remove and wipe down her armor. Arneth also wringed out what she could from her clothes and undid her bun so that her hair could dry while she slept.

Camp was made and she climbed into her bed roll.

Arneth slept. She dreamed.

It was of Caine.

Of the many people back at the temple, Caine was the only one whom she had gotten really close to. All of the other Paladins and Sisters of the temple seemed to stay away from her. The Paladins in training thought haughtily that only males were allowed to be Paladins. While the Sisters held distain for her breaking the ways women were supposed to go when they became part of the Temple of Bahamut.

Arneth did not really care about all of the negativity. She knew that this was her calling, and that Bahamut would not protect those who would judge others so carelessly.
Even so, at times, it was really rough for Arneth.

But Caine was the one to come to her aid. She had been at the Temple for nearly half a year when Caine had returned from one of his own journeys. Most young Paladins are sent out on very small quests and missions before leaving the Temple completely after their training is done.
On the way back to his room did he spot Arneth for the first time, he had told her later. It was not until supper did he actually strike up a conversation with her.

The conversation was, Arneth admits, originally awkward and silent. Caine persisted, and it was a month later when they had finally managed to break the barriers.

She had spent a lot of time with Caine after that point. She had learned many things about him (like that he was a few years older), and eventually came to like him.

She kept it a secret however.

Some time would pass before a small pit of jealousy began to wind in her stomach. For she longed for something she could not have. Him.

While he could eventually stop being a Paladin and settle down, Arneths future could be nothing like that. Even if she survived to an age where she could no longer be a Paladin, she would be too old to bear children, and with an unwanted Paladin past, none would have her.

Arneth managed to keep all of this at bay, for this is the path she chose, and she would not forsake it.

She even managed a smile when it was time for Caine to leave the Temple for good. She had spent 4 years with him by her side. And now she had to stand and face the next 4 ahead of her. Alone.
Arneth did not know you could dream of memories. But here they were, reminding her of years past.

It was when her mind replayed the final farewell for the 6th time did she finally awaken, her body overtaking her mind to get up after a precise amount of time.

Arneth heaved a deep sigh and stared up at the ceiling before her. She wanted to get out of here, and soon.


Updated now that I have a set image of Caine in mind.

Another Night

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