House Rules

Welcome players, this campaign will range from levels 1-30. A majority of the adventures will be played from WoTC Modules. As a Spoiler Warning many plot hooks and other game highlights for these modules can be found on the internet. To make the game more enjoyable I’d suggest avoiding internet spoilers.

Game Time
for now we are going by a week to week basis. Some weeks will be Friday 8pm or Thursday 6pm

The Portal
Use this site to enhance the story and the game. Post an Adventure Log of a previous game. Write a back story of your character. Upload a comic, picture, lyrics, whatever! This site is a great way to get even deeper into the game and enjoy it even more.

Chip EXP Bonus
In the campaign I will be using Poker Chips as ways to gain bonus EXP. At the beginning of each night there is a pool of EXP the amount depending on whatever the highest level character is. Every player has a chance to take some of this experience through role playing, epic moments, Adventure logs/ Portal work, and donations. At the end of the night the pool is divided by the amount of chips given out to all players.
Example: Pool of 500exp 8 chips handed out. Each chip is worth 62exp.
The players cash their chips in at the end of the game for their bonus exp.

Ways to gain a chip.

Improving The Portal
As a way to stimulate creativity with players there is a chip bonus with portal postings. I will be offering Chips for stuff you do here on the wiki between play sessions.

You can gain a chip for your character by doing any of the following.
  • Posting back story Adventure Logs
  • Adding artwork of the campaign (1 per character per week)
  • Create a Journal entry for a Session. (Preferably in your own characters words) (1 per character per week)
  • Ideas on adding to the wiki pages
    These are but a few examples, surprise me!

    Role Play
    I am a big fan of D&D for it’s ability to get friends together and let them loose. Get into your character, speak like your character, think “What would my character do”
    Some people can not get into role playing making them feel silly. Just remember everyone else is doing the same thing! If that’s not a good enough boost to get you going how bout Chip bonuses. To get some people out of their shell I offer bonus chips for excellent role playing.

Epic Moments
Sort of on the line with Role Play. Sometimes something in the game is so epic it just deserves a reward. A Critical hit in dramatic fashion, Finding a brilliant way past a trap, using acrobatics and the environment to make some monster look like a tool. Basically if it makes for a perfect movie moment then it’ll most likely get you a chip.

Guild Donations
Buying EXP? Yea I don’t have an issue with that as long as it helps with DM’ing expenses. (Books, pencils, printer ink, gaming snacks, models, drinks, map paper, etc) For every $2.00 you kindly donate you get one chip for the next gaming session.

I will be starting to keep track of chips collected on the Main Page under each character’s banner. Who will reign supreme?

Achievement Unlocked
Achievements are a way to recognize exciting moments, milestones, and funny failures. Along with story related achievements each module will have 1000 gs worth of achievements. Every time a player surpasses 100 achievement score they will game a bonus chip for that session. There is an overall list of Achievements as well as individual player completed lists.

Role Play Responsibly
As stated earlier I love people getting into character. Everyone likes to be a bad ass, care about no one, steal everything, Cunning Rouge. Or a destruction of all evil, no jaywalking, for the glory of god, Zealous Paladin. Remember though that you are playing with other players try not to go to any extremes that may hinder the enjoyment of other players.

House Rules

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