No Rest For The Wicked

Gravity Sucks
Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a ... Tank!


Gravity sucks

Church of Truth


Casual Friday is pretty sure this is exactly how last night’s adventures went.

It Continues...
Three of a Kind beats a Pair of Drakes

Falkrunn’s Journal – Entry 2

I really must take care to chronicle My Adventures as I seek to become Worthy to become One with the Iridescent Guard. The Greatest Tragedy was that the Exploits of Falkrunn the Fierce have been lost through the Ages. I must make sure there is sufficient stories so the Bards can sing of My Quest.

Bahamut's Hymn


Arneth slowly sank to the floor. Propping up the shield up against the same dirt wall she was leaning, she took a deep breath. It was hard sneaking around in such armor. She was even being called “Boulder” from the goblin, Splug, which was helping the group. A deep sigh escaped as she leaned her head back against the wall.

Chaos Bolt


Today I saw a really cool trick while practicing my round-off back-handspring back-tuck kick-out. Out of the corner of my eye whilst twirling in the air, what looked to be a lightning bolt flashed and was gone before I landed. I thought I had to have been seeing things because I was inside the traveling show tent and I couldn’t smell a storm coming. Normally I am very insightful of the weather because if it rains we have to postpone shows sometimes (it tends to get muddy). Some would say I’ve become the weather girl of the traveling show.

Homm Homm
Valyn - Session 4


Ah, what a sleep! I feel much better after my meditation. The vagabonds I’m traveling with are still unconscious, so I have time to reflect on past events.

Ranger Log Entry #134 - Kobold Infestation


After defeating a Kobold Master and the adventurers laying their pet to rest they lead me back to their encampment. I can’t help but being fascinated by their reckless waste of the forest in building their town so blatantly obvious, how could they expect anyone to miss this place? They must not value their lives or their privacy in high regard.

Falkrunn's Destiny
It begins

Falkrunn’s Journal – Entry 1

I really thought Terrik, of all my kin, would support me in my Destiny of following in Falkrunn the Fierce’s footsteps and becoming an Iridescent Guard! After all, he served alongside my father in that Elite group before Father’s Glorious Death. But a fortnight’s journey through the Lowlands and I find that he is nothing more than a farmer! And his son has no knowledge of his Glorious Heritage! It seems that my Uncle has turned his back on the Guard and even given away his Resounding Warhammer as if were an outgrown toy! To an Outsider! Such Sacrilege!

Excerpt from the Guide to Middle Earth by Alphonix Denaisou Overseer
Female Dwarfs

Excerpt from the Guide to Middle Earth** by _Alphonix Denaisou Overseer
“There are only a few obscure references to female dwarfs in the Common Lore and it is quite likely that the ordinary citizen has never seen one. It is not, as some of the cruder denizens of the taverns might allude, that they are indistinguishable from their male counterparts. Females tend to have more hair on the tops of their heads and less on their face than the males and also have all the female characteristics that make a female a female… or so I am assured. It is that as on the whole, they tend to be more homebodies than their menfolk. It is rare that a female will venture far from their mountain homes. Not that she could not fend for herself just as well as a male, but she lacks the wanderlust.


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