No Rest For The Wicked

Sex Slavery
If this won't bring readers in..idk what will

So journal,
I left off with us leaving the room with the tieflings to go into the unexplored door in the room with the hyenas. We knew something was up when we walked through the door and felt a chill wash over us. We turned and saw 3 ghosts, one was of a dwarf likeness, one was of an elven woman’s likeness, the other of a human likeness who seemed to be their leader.

Like Cats and Dogs
Can't We All Just Get Along?

Fight 1x
Fight 2x
Fight 3x

Feels like so long ago

Well journal…we meet again. And boy have you been missing out! Crazy shenanigans have been going on such as people getting lost in the labyrinth, people dying, and meeting interesting characters. Let’s just put it this way…Valyn is lost, Casual Friday died and then we brought him back from the dead, Tyranny is going crazy not seeing the sun for awhile (apparently he misses his photosynthesis), Falkrunn…well…is getting more annoying because were in such close quarters all the time, and Arneth continues to be the silent lady.

Finding Graceland
Why Ya Gotta Be a Hater?


I knew we’d see Elvis again, but I didn’t expect him to just Walk into Our Tavern.

I thought it would be under some Dramatic Circumstances given his Super Star Quality. The Drow is just the Epitome of Coolness! He is the Leader and Fighter I would love to be, but know I can never Aspire to. He’s Charismatic; I’m Annoying. He is a Calm and Measured Fighter; I throw myself Thoughtlessly into Battle. This isn’t a Romantic Passion, but I will admit to Hero Worship. I would gladly Join his Band and Follow him as a Groupie except I suspect under his Leadership I would have to Give Up my Dream of Joining the Iridescent Guard. His willingness to Dabble in Slavery makes him an Unacceptable Employer. Even though my Companions have Proven themselves Loyal, they basically just Tolerate me because I’m Useful in Battle. And that’s Okay. I Tolerate them too. But for the First Time I wish I had Someone’s Respect.

Have You Seen This Wizard?

Missing valyn

Wolves Among the Sheep
Do I Look Like a Shepherdess?


We had one more Little Adventure before we Returned the Ex-Slaves to Metroplolis.

We Herded the Sheep, bleating and whining, through the dark, dank Passages of the Labyrinth until it opened up into a Yawning Cavern. Unlike Previous Ambushes, this one seemed Civil Enough; a Pack of Hyena Guys and Assorted Freaks Blocked our Way and Menaced Us from a Higher Level with Bows, but Held their Strength. Their Leader, a Drow named Elvis Somebody-or-Other, wanted to Negotiate for our Sheep/Slaves/Recently Liberated Humans. I got the Idea that he was a Businessman rather than an Out Right Slaver… though I’m not sure the Distinction would be Important to the Sheep who were Under Discussion. I Do Not Hold with Slavery as a General Rule and even though I was tiring of Babysitting these Useless Dregs, I would not have Given Them Up, no matter that the Elves Seemed to be Toying with the Idea. It was Moot anyway; our Moral Compass would Never Allow their Freedom to be Sold Again.

Swarms of Spiders
It's Hard to Attack Something That is Crawling Up Your Nose


We ended up with Seven Squishy Slaves left to Shepherd Safely back to Thunderdome. Who would have known that the Armored Giantess had such a Maternal Side? She clucked over those Human Dregs like a Mother Hen and Balked when we tried to have them carry some of the extra Booty. I told her that Now was Not the Time to Schedule them for Foot Massages and Facials, and that a Little More Hardship Wouldn’t Kill Them (at Least Probably Wouldn’t), but She can be a Bit of a Fanatic when it Comes to Righteous Morals and Stuff. We Compromised by Not Letting Her Know Exactly how much we Gave them.

Jobin and Regdar
Jobin - Log 1



His face contorted with anger as he slammed down the mallet with a thunderous crack. The seat underneath the judge complained loudly as he stood up and pointed a fat finger at the man being convicted, his jowls swinging wildly from side to side. He paused for a second to catch his breath before bellowing, “You are sentenced to death!”.

Ranger Log #143- In Utter Darkness


I’m out of my element here, this darkness, this cave… it’s starting to get to me. I haven’t been this edgy in damn near a decade. I’ve been away for too long with only a human holiday where they brought a pine to the center of the Seven Pillard Hall to help keep my sanity. The forest has always had the ability to heal, to preserve, to soothe. This cold, damp, evil, labyrinth is no salvation. On top of everything else our priest of all people stole from me when he thought I was sleeping.

A Solstice Carol
Being a Ghost Story of Solstice


It was Winter Solstice, the Longest Night of the Year… not that you could tell in the Seven Pillared Hall, a Bustling Outpost Deep in a Mountain. The Mages had some kind of system that muted the lights to distinguish Day from Night, but there was Always Activity at All Hours, and Tonight (for you could tell it was Night because the Flames from the torches Burned Blue) was No Different.


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