The elven princess and lore keeper ruling over the hidden kingdom


A powerful sorcerer she is the daughter of Hanali Celanil the elven goddess of love. She has inherited much of her mother’s power and often uses it to suggest others to do her will. Llathriel’s father is mortal and has not been mentioned so far, it is said that the demi-god like daughter of Celanil can be killed, but she will never die of old age or disease.


Mercy and sharing are her weak points, protecting her kingdom from discovery and from the filth of non-elves are her strongest. Powerful enchantments hide the kingdom from being seen above, below or even standing between the structures, that is of course if you could ever get near without her knowing. Besides having magical sight, the trees and ents are her closest companions, they see everything that enters or nears the forest and carries these messages on the winds faster than any bird could fly.


No Rest For The Wicked Azrayael