Dwarf Fighter


Falkrunn was named for an ancestor, Falkrunn the Fierce, the only female dwarf known to serve with the Iridescent Guard, an elite group of warriors that serve the Dwarven King. Her father, Thoradin, and uncle, Terrik, were also part of that glorious tradition until Thoradin fell in battle and Terrik turned from the path and became a farmer. Her mother, Eldeth, is a Master Healer.

At 40, Falkrunn is still in her rebellious adolescence and has no aptitude for anything but fighting. She wishes to fulfill her Destiny to become an Iridescent Guard, but has found no support for her cause among her kin so she has left her home in the Dawn Forge Mountains to gain the experience she needs.

She is a member of the “Cheated Death Club.”


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