No Rest For The Wicked

Wet Cats and Broken Arrows

Shot Through the Heart and You're to Blame


Whiny Elf was really starting to get on my Nerves! He Used To Be… Zen Elf… but now that Pain-in-the-Butt Eldarin Elf is gone, it is like he’s Auditioning for the Vacancy. I remember seeing him being Bullied by the Half Orc Sheriff and, I admit, I was Impressed how Cool he was Under Pressure. Now he seems Strung Out like he’s Jonesing for Pine Needles. Maybe he’s been Out of his Gourd for Too Long.

After we Pried him Away from his New Best Friend, Jomama, we followed this Map we found to the Well of Demons. The First Room was Creatured by this Tenacle Thingy and some Creepers… Cavern Chokers or something… that kept grabbing us from the walls then going Chameleon and Disappearing. I Concentrated on OctoPussy and Wore It Down so Tyranical Elf could Take the Kill Shot. Again.

Listening at the Next Door, we heard Voices so we Burst in… to an Empty Corridor. A Gnoll came out to see what all the Noise was About and Raised the Alarm. Gnolls with Spears Attacked us and Another Released Hyenas and they came at us like a Pack of Dogs. New Guy proved Useful by Casting a Poison Spell that Hovered in the Corridor Before us and Kept the Animals Away. We were able to shoot at them and take them out From a Distance. Good Trick. New Guy might just become a Valuable Member of the Team…. if he Lives that Long.

In the Next Corridor, I Experienced a Vague Sense of Deja Vu before we Entered a Room where there was a Makeshift Pen with a Huge Boar Chained Up. A Pack of Hyenas was Not Playing Nice with It, and It was Maddened, Pulling at its Chain. We left the Boar alone for the Moment as it was Not an Urgent Threat; the Hyenas were Now After Us. Even so, we could have Easily Handled them had it not been for Four Archers half hidden across the Room Firing on Us. There was Little Maneuver Room Around the Pen and the Hyenas Blocked us from Rushing the Archers. In No Time at All, I was Bloodied and Knocked Unconscious. Damn Arrows! Those Archers were Using me as Target Practice! Arneth Helped me out, and I Recovered a Bit before SHE was Down. I stood over her, protecting my Downed Companion and the Archers Took me Out for Strike Two. The Paladin Roused me and I Barely Hung On as She Went Down Again.

How, You May Ask, Is This Possible? That the Two Heavily Armored “Tanks” had spent Most of the Encounter Seesawing Between Death and Unconsciousness Targeted by Unrelenting Archers? It COULD be that our Own Long Range Striker was COWERING in the Corner instead of SHOOTING back.

“Get out here and take care of those archers!” I bellowed as I checked Arneth for a pulse. It was there, but Just Barely.

“They’re too far away!” whined Wussy Elf. “And they’re half hidden. I won’t be able to use my Super Awesome Hunter’s Quarry and Deal them Mega Damage! Isn’t there anything closer?”

“Not all Targets are Standing Out in the Open with an Icon Pointing at them Saying ‘Shoot Me’!” I winced as I tried to move my shoulder. “Don’t you Elves ever make a Difficult shot? Or are you waiting for me to beat them down so you can take the Kill?”

Complaining loudly, he stepped forward, took aim… and missed. Then he threw himself down behind our prone bodies.

I rolled over and glared at him. “Really?”

Thank the Stones for Nixie! She mounted a Nearly Single-handed Assault against the Archers. She Jumped onto the Barrier and Knocked half of them down before they knew she Was There. Unfortunately I couldn’t see much from where I lay, Bleeding Out, but it was Glorious. With Johndoe’s Help (and a Belated Effort by I-Can-See-Your-Back Elf) the Spunky Little Half Girl Mopped up the Opposition.

Bad Guys finally Dead, we Healed our Wounds and Freed the Boar (who was a Companion to one of the Dwarfs in town). Little Girl Elf (not to be Mistaken for Half Girl/Half Elf) was Skipping Around collecting fallen arrows. If only he had been as Conscientious about taking Care of his Companions. I Seethed with Rage. I picked up the Arrows around me… and Snapped one in Half.

His head Spun Around and he Gasped at my Audacity. “I need those!” he protested.

I Broke another.

“Stop it!” His Eyes were Wild and he was Bristling like a Wet Cat. “I’ll fight you again!”

SNAP! “Even you aren’t stupid enough to start a fight when we’re still surrounded by Enemies.”

He looked like he was going to Cry. Or Attack Me.

SNAP! Each Splintered Shaft seemed to be Piercing his Heart. I was Really Enjoying this.

New Guy cleared his throat. “Transferring your anger to inanimate objects may be a stopgap to accelerating violence among your peers but unless your resentment is dealt with, it will only exasperate the situation.”

I frowned and squinted at him. Whaaaaat?

“That’s enough, Falkrunn,” Arneth said mildly. “Stop breaking Tyranny’s arrows.”

I shrugged and dropped the few I had left.

New Guy smiled benignly at me. “If you work through your issues on where all your anger comes from, you can channel it until a more productive venue.”

I scratched my head. “You mean making me a better fighter?”

He nodded. “Just open up about your emotions—”

“No, no, no.” I shook my head vigorously. “No touchy feelly crap!”

This Guy was making my Skull Hurt! Of course, it could also have been the Beating I took, but aside from my Anger Issues, my Emotional Content could Fit into a Spoon. Still, given time, I could possibly work through some of my problems… to make me a Better Fighter, of course! Perhaps later I would talk to Jojojo and see if he could help me.


Bahahaha You need to make a comic about snapping the arrows!
Ps…You used my name wooooot!

Wet Cats and Broken Arrows

“Skipping Around collecting fallen arrows. If only he had been as Conscientious about taking Care of his Companions. I Seethed with Rage. I picked up the Arrows around me… and Snapped one in Half.
His head Spun Around and he Gasped at my Audacity. “I need those!” he protested.”

You know, looking at this from the outside.. this is fllipin hilarious. It’s good to see even though Falkrunn is byist in her stories, she doesn’t leave out the fact that she’s petty and immature. :)

and maybe when hes not being press-ganged into helping his ancient enemy he will “calm down”. =P

Wet Cats and Broken Arrows

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