No Rest For The Wicked

Oh Winterhaven

Session 1


My adventure started off as any other would, a bunch of different people coming together for one main cause. Our cause, to find Kildrek’s (the dwarf’s) mentor who has gone missing and to defeat any foe that stands in our way. Our group is pretty diverse: an Eladrin wizard, who seems a little high and mighty; A Tiefling with a spirit quite unlike any other Tiefling I have ever come in to contact with; A Dwarf fighter who drinks and seems to be tough, however he started singing along the way and now I have my doubts about him; And a human Cleric who is drunk most of the time, I don’t have enough fingers to count for how many times we’ve had to pick him up along the way, which is pretty ironic considering he is a Cleric. As we journeyed onward we came along a path and some of our party noticed that it looked to be a set up of an ambush. I was excited for this was my first time to use my skills, and no sooner as my adrenaline kicked in we were fighting kobolds. I slit a few throats and felt good about myself but collectively we pulled together using each other as tactically as a new group could’ve and there was blood and heads everywhere, not ours of course. We felt pretty triumphant and decided to trudge on to Winterhaven where there were a few guards at the gate. The Tiefling Harm noticed that they did not look to be blocking the gate so she mentioned we should just go in to the city, however Valyn being the Eladrin wizard he is, decided that he must talk to the guards. The guards say to go right in and that there is a place called Wrafton’s Inn that has a bar, food, and beds to enjoy for the night. However, this obviously not being enough information Valyn decided to continue to bother Steve until he felt uncomfortable, at this point the rest of us moved on. It was a good night we were enjoying the company of some drunks who had bought Harm and I some drinks and we met some interesting people as well. Casual Friday aka Caz the Cleric completely failed at taking the barmaid to bed even with the help of Kildrek, though he wasn’t exactly saying very charming things about Caz. We met a man named Eilian who gave us a map to the burial grounds where Kildrek’s mentor was supposed to be and talked to a Lord Padraig who I am not very fond of, arrogant as you would expect any Lord to be. However, Kildrek seemed to get along with him and told him our story of defeating the kobolds and he gave us a proposition to return with the right hands of all the kobolds we defeated from their den and he would handsomely reward us.

When we woke up the next morning we had to decide whether to go find the kobold den or to go to the burial grounds and I think we had another mission but I’m not sure any of us remember what that was! Oh well. We decided to go to the burial grounds because we had a map to follow. We set off once again Kildrek leading us, Harm at the back, (I like taking the middle spot makes me feel most comfortable). Kildrek starts singing some song and Valyn joins in along, while I am trying to be stealthy (wouldn’t want to let anyone know we were here!!) and as Harm sings, “Rollercoaster of love” kobolds jump out from all sides and attack her. They obviously do not like good music. Us being surprised turn around to see they are attacking her and immediately look around to see if there are any more enemies around. There happened to be a few more and we all took our different ways to defeat the kobolds. As Harm was dying we all went to her aid fighting off the ones around her whilst Valyn fought off a spellcaster, Kildrek helping with that as well. After a long hard battle we were superior and felt the need to cut off their hands because well, even though this wasn’t their den, it has to count for something right? We decided to take a short rest and heal ourselves because man, that one had been pretty tough for a few of us. I mean I took out a couple of the kobolds and remained unscathed but Harm was ambushed! She needed a break.

After our rest we felt a compulsion to continue on and happened to arrive at the burial grounds shortly after that encounter. I saw a few humans, some weird scaly creatures, a dwarf, and a gnome down below along with the bones of a dragon. Immediately we believed I could bluff my way into this burial ground with no problems and Harm and Kildrek backed me up. We came up with a story saying that we were there to help and Douven Staul (Kildrek’s mentor) had sent us by letter and had even given us a map. Which Caz so valiantly showed to the gnome, numerous times. He was skeptical and told Kildrek to “step into his office”, which…we could still hear and see everything going on, we were just blocked by the drakes (weird lizard things). All of the sudden Kildrek goes “I think you’re lying”, about what I was unsure, and the gnome yells “Get em boys” and disappears which I found to be unsettling. Immediately I attacked the drake before me, to realize he was not just a minion, in fact he might be a little more powerful than I think. Kildrek came to help me however and our damage together helped fight off two of the drakes. Harm was having a little more trouble fighting a human and Valyn was shooting things at the halfling on the hill, Caz running around to make sure everyone wasn’t dying and being a meatshield while we fought the drakes. Eventually the drakes and the humans were defeated and all that was left was the gnome, who had reappeared. Kildrek and I ran over there as quickly as possible to take him out. Kildrek had some damage on him, however I decided it was my time to shine. What better way to prove my worth than to triple back handspring jump into the air and come down with a stab right into the leader’s heart. Of course it worked and I felt an enormous rush of accomplishment, only to be distracted by a glimmering amulet. I hear “Thank you Kildrek” and turn around and see a man who happened to be Douven Staul being untied. He noticed me holding the amulet and decided it would be best to pry it out of my hands and for him to decide who it will go to. Kildrek got it of course, and as he was walking to get the amulet he noticed a mirror. He turned it over and a cloaked figure happened to be staring into it asking about the leader, Kildrek goes over the the dead gnome shows the mirror and then says “I’m coming for you next!”.

We headed back to Wrafton’s with a sack full of kobold hands and a spring in our step. We gave the kobold hands to my best friend Lord Padraig. (Rolls eyes). And he rewards us with some gold. We drink the night away ready for our next adventure, I go to sleep looking back at that awesome triple back handspring jump that I landed, with a smile on my face.

Hey WTF, I can’t add comments…. “F|_|C|< it!” I’ll make my own space to add a comment… ha ha ha victory is mine!

“However, this obviously not being enough information Valyn decided to continue to bother Steve until he felt uncomfortable”

^ LOL!!!

Great summary of what happened. Good to see your role playing even in aftermath story….. btw, you stole my boss kill, I totally had that… errr um… thanks for the help.



I liked Steve.

Oh Winterhaven

Steve needs a character page.

Oh Winterhaven

Yay, Nixie! Good job

Oh Winterhaven

oh wow… after I post that ^ way up there, now my page loads correctly…. figures.

Oh Winterhaven

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