No Rest For The Wicked

New Allies

Prothero - Log 2

It felt good to lead again. I had been alone for too long, chasing down my sworn enemy, Garrosh, through the lands. When there was word he was at the Seven Pillared Hall, I feared my search would come to a dead end. Thankfully, a Drow by the name of Elaron was most helpful.

He pointed me in the direction of Garrosh’s lackey. Another traitorous Dragonborn by the name of Gorth. I had a score to settle with him as well but Garrosh was my main focus. At least by chasing down Gorth, I could get some answers on the whereabouts of Garrosh.

There was a peculiar group of people hanging out in the bar I found Elaron in. I couldn’t help but notice them constantly eavesdropping on our conversation, especially the battle-scarred Elf. If I wanted to successfully get Gorth, I would need the help of these strangers, so I enticed them with spoils of war. I have no interest in such things, so it was easy to recruit their help.

Once they agreed to accompany me, we headed out and through the maze, following the map Elaron had provided for me. When we reached the stronghold, I had the brilliant plan of luring the three guards on the bridge out by the old “damsel in distress” tactic. Unfortunately, Tyranny the Elven Ranger could not pull off a convincing woman in the darkness and the alerted guards released a drake.

At this point, I ordered everyone to charge and to focus on the three guards before tackling the drake. It was good to see my leadership skills had not faltered since I was last in command, sometime ago. We crossed the bridge and heard some rustling around in the kitchen to our right. The ranger announced it was only one guy by the sound of it and probably no threat, so we pushed on.

We entered a library and could hear someone rummaging around in here as well but I wasn’t sure if he heard us or not and we needed answers. We ambushed him and with him disarmed, we got our answers and moved on.

After taking down some more of Gorth’s cohorts, he finally came out to greet us. A blinding rage took a hold of me at the sight of him and I charged, knocking him prone and dealing a fair amount of damage. We wanted to question Gorth, so I made sure everyone knew to not kill him.

Once he was unconscious, we tied him up and threw him in a corner where we questioned him until I got my answers.

The pyramid of shadows is where Garrosh is headed and where I must go too. As fate would have it, these battle-proven companions of mine were headed there too and we agreed on going together. I already have a lot of respect for these guys.


Aha! I knew something was going on with Goshawk! Cool! Falkrunn can respect someone who is honor driven for vengeance. I hope he doesn’t die before she meets him :).

Well written too! I have a definite sense about this character and what motivates him.

New Allies

He sounds very proud and leader like. I’m hoping he sticks around for sure.

New Allies

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