No Rest For The Wicked


Valyn - Log 19

Heaving breathing and shuffling feet were the only sounds echoing throughout the caverns as Valyn struggled to stay on his feet, always moving forward and away from the tieflings and their murderous intent.

Yes the voice in his head repeated as he walked. Save yourself, Valyn. “Shut up!” he replied vocally and his yelling drifted down the passageway and then only the sound of his breathing remained. The voice had become increasingly vocal, feeding on Valyn’s fear as time went on.

Keep running, Valyn. Leave him to die. Just like you left Scarlett. Pain stung his eyes like a white-hot needle and tears began to form and roll down his cheeks at the sound of her name. “I didn’t leave her… she was already gone. And so is he.”

He had held Scarlett’s lifeless body for a brief second before escaping through the doors and away from the crossbow bolts of the guards. And your parents. You left them for dead too. You coward. You need me, to fuel your hatred and empower you, to make you stronger. Yes. You know I’m right. Doubt began to creep in as the voice destroyed the truth he had once known.

“No, they’re dead. They’re all dead. I know they are.” He paused to rest and catch his breath, leaning against the craggy wall. Everything remained quiet until a voice broke the silence. A woman’s voice. It was inaudible but the desperation in her voice hinted at danger.

Valyn stood up and rushed towards the voice, moving down the corridor with haste. The voice became louder with every corner he turned. Fear was quickly replaced with anxiety as he moved towards the woman’s voice. After the 3rd turn, there she was in all her beauty. The scent of vanilla and jasmine tickled his emotions, her elegant auburn hair falling freely over her shoulders and her jade eyes seem to explode with color as he met them with his own.

“Scarlett…” he managed to say before falling to his knees. Her lips formed a smile, that shy smile she had just for him. She moved deftly to Valyn and reached out to embrace him. As their bodies were about to collide, she seemed to fade away and pass right through him and then she was gone.

The voice in his head began to cackle maniacally. “Why?” Valyn said, feeling exasperated as the tears continued their free-fall now.

You weak, pathetic fool. You don’t need her. You only need me.

The orb in Valyn’s hand began to glow brighter.


I love how conflicted Valyn is! And I’m glad he escaped because Falkrunn is looking forward to meeting him in the future (even if she does lose an eye :)


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